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It should be obvious to all regular readers of this magazine that we believe that if you are taking flak, you are right over the target.

So much attention is given to Tommy Robinson by the British media and social media platforms that he must be feeling like a Lancaster bomber over Dresden, circa 1945. The latest splatter of AA fire has come in the form of a 7-day suspension from Twitter, imposed for the frankly outrageous crime of describing reality somewhat accurately.

Following on from the smear campaign to link Robinson with Darren Osborne -the mentally ill drunkard who drove a truck into a crowd of Muslims at Finsbury Park mosque- The Independent’s Harriet Agerholm wrote a piece entitled “Tommy Robinson threatens to 'find' UK's most senior counter-terrorism police officer" with the URL path


Sometimes it is the little details that give the game away. It's terrorism! The EDL! A racist! It's Islamorealism! It's Tommy Robinson! Gasp! Be afraid, Britons. A short White guy with a Twitter following is here.

“I’m gonna find Mark Rowley,” Mr Robinson said. He did not immediately elaborate about what he meant.

The Independent contacted The Metropolitan Police, who declined to comment."

I'm sure you will agree this is stellar journalism from the Twitter-verified Agerholm, who had previously published citation-free clickbait trash in the Independent which claimed that

“One in three terror suspects in the UK now White amid a rise in far-right extremism.”

Agerholm has taken a tweet, applied the most uncharitable lens possible and then spun it as a threat. Not bothering to ask Robinson for clarification, instead Agerholm asks the Police to decide whether or not Robinson has threatened a policeman with assault. This is blatant left wing activism and not journalism, and Agerholm should hang her head in shame. Agerholm hoped to encourage an arrest for a credible threat of violence against Mark Rowley, and she provides context with her article that, as usual, throws out evidence in favor of taqiyyah. You may not criticize Islam, or you will be silenced.

Suffice to say that I find it most unsurprising that a left-wing millennial ‘journalist’ who graduated in 2014 and has fewer than 900 followers is verified by Twitter and permitted to promote her racist anti-White articles on the platform.

Robinson, despite being an obviously public figure who is frequently impersonated online by leftist trolls, is in possession of an account with almost 400,000 followers which remained unverified up until his account was suspended yesterday, for claiming (accurately) that the vast majority of men in ‘rape gangs’ in the United Kingdom are Muslims.

"this is the start of a mass campaign to remove Tommy Robinson from social media. That's what happening and what's going to happen." ~ Tommy Robinson

A seven-day ban from the platform has been applied, Robinson said in a Facebook live broadcast that has already received 38 thousand views:

"there was a tweet that was talking about grooming. I replied to the tweet and said '90% of perpetrators are Muslim,' and that's a fact. Quilliam, a Muslim organization has done their own research and they came to the figure of 84%. Maajid Nawaz [has said] that you can't ban for telling the truth, this is unbelievable!"

Tommy went on to say that he believes this ban is part of a long-term strategy to have him removed from the social media platform- which is a perfectly reasonable suspicion given Twitter's previous form for selectively banning conservatives and right-wing voices while allowing literal terrorists and violent racists a free pass, so long as they are leftists, non-white or Muslim.

According to the outgoing counter-terrorism police chief Mark Rowley on Tuesday:

"They're never going to be exactly the same but there are similarities across from the Islamists to the extreme right wing. Anjem Choudary was very assiduous in staying the right side of the law until he slipped up in expressing support for the Islamic State and that enabled us to put him in prison. Tommy Robinson in some ways is doing exactly the same."

This is an overt desire to jail Robinson for something. The state has in fact already jailed Robinson before, for the high crime of mortgage irregularities. Granted, this is a crime and Robinson served his punishment; but the crime was only discovered after an extensive campaign of harassment and home searches by the police. Could we not also have used the police to conduct home searches on men like Anjem Choudary in the hope of turning up mortgage irregularities? I guess that would have been racist. Instead Choudary was permitted to preach hatred against the country while claiming at least £25000 in government benefits from the tax payer. Not only was Choudary free to radicalize and preach violence against the Kuffar, British people paid him to do so.

Mr. Rowley believes that Robinson pointing out trends among the believers of Islam- such as the spate of rape gangs in the United Kingdom that are predominantly made up of Pakistani Muslim men (~1% of the total UK population)- is equivalent to such actions as:

  • Referring to the 11 September 2001 terrorists as "magnificent martyrs"
  • Handing out flyers on university campuses calling for the murder of Jews
  • Teaching people how to make bombs
  • Radicalizing men who beheaded a British soldier on the streets of London
  • Predicting 'the flag of sharia' will fly over Downing Street
  • Saying "Every Muslim has a responsibility to protect his family from the misguidance of Christmas, because its observance will lead to hellfire. Protect your Paradise from being taken away – protect yourself and your family from Christmas".
  • Saying " "As Muslims, we reject democracy, we reject secularism, and freedom, and human rights. We reject all of the things that you espouse as being ideals."

All of the above can be directly attributed to Anjem Choudary and his banned Salafist group Al-Muhajiroun.


Mark Rowley says;

“Robinson became a regular fixture in our media giving him the platform to attack the whole religion of Islam by conflating acts of terrorism with the faith often citing spurious claims, which inevitably stirred up tensions. Such figures represented no more than the extreme margins of the communities they claim to speak for yet they have been given prominence and a platform.”

Yes, Mr. Rowley, it is awfully inconvenient when the plebians are made aware of what is being done to them and what has been done to them for years in the service of the Religion of Peace.

Insanity should surely now be redefined as being state of knowing exactly what the problem is but treating only the secondary symptoms. Your tires are out of alignment on your car, but instead of repairing the fault you just keep buying new tires. You have AIDS, so you take cold medication to help a runny nose but ignore the retrovirals. Your nation is in the process of being Islamized, so you equate people who say "All this Islam we have is sometimes a problem" with people who say "kill all the Jews for Allah." Maybe if I ignore the snake in my boot it won't bite me.

Robinson founded the English Defence League after he had read a newspaper article about local Islamists attempting to recruit men outside a local bakery in Luton to fight for the Taliban in Afghanistan:

"I was like, they can't do that! In working-class communities, we all know somebody in the armed forces. I’ve got a mate who lost his legs. And these lot were sending people to kill our boys."

Rowley must realize that no matter what he says, he is a Kuffar- the same as Tommy Robinson and every other non-Muslim. We are all Untermensch. The establishment in the United Kingdom has tried to equate Islam and the far-right for a decade, but to no avail- it transpires there just aren't enough far-right terrorists to go around.

Harriet Agerholm and Lizzie Dearden of The Independent will keep peddling the lie that the far right is a far greater problem for the UK than Islam- despite the evidence to the contrary. With the support of the British establishment, media and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook will continue to gag those who tell the truth.

For some reason, these alleged journalists are unable to do the basic due diligence of verifying statistics or providing citations, but are rewarded with high paying jobs and protection from social media platforms. Meanwhile, Robinson disagrees with the Quilliam Foundation by six percentage points on the predominance of Muslims in rape gangs- and is summarily silenced. This is not a coincidence.

Do you see what I see? As we have said before- the British political establishment and the media wants Robinson out of the picture. Once he is gagged, it will be open season on the rest of us. At this time would all do well to remember the words of Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko;

“When truth is replaced by silence,the silence is a lie.”

A key part of our future is contingent on whether our freedom of speech is inhibited by state power and social media liberal bias. Robinson remains the canary in the coal mine.

Republic Standard reached out to Tommy for comment, but have received none at this time. We did not reach out to Harriet Agerholm because we don't care about what she has to say.

The Editor

by The Editor