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The mask slips a little further. The United Nations Migration Agency has tweeted out a bizarre video proclaiming the virtues of illegal immigration. In the video, a packed dinghy heads towards a sandy shore, where scores of other African men are already disembarking.

Correct me if I am wrong, but that is not the usual way of migrating. Interesting then that the video is accompanied by the words Inevitable, Desirable, Necessary. This seems to fly in the face of observed reality- Hungary, Poland, and Israel have not found migration inevitable. England, France, and Sweden have not found migration to be desirable. China, Japan and Israel (again) do not find migration to be necessary.

Adding insult to injury, this tweet is specifically targeted at Christians, with the addition of Easter. This Easter, let us not forget those Christians around the world who are caught in crises, being demographically replaced in Europe or being slaughtered for their faith in the Middle East, or their skin color in South Africa.

Nice backtrack, chumps. We're not buying it.

The UN is an agent of destruction, an enemy of Christendom and European people.

The Editor

by The Editor