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“Because of the near monopoly on legal force and other forms of power held by government, it also becomes the object of intense desire by those who would use that power to enforce their utopian visions on their fellow man. What they miss is that a free government operating within well-defined boundaries and guaranteeing its citizens the ability to pursue their own legitimate ends is as close to utopia as mankind can get this side of glory.”-Chris Buskirk and Seth Leibsohn

It is tempting to think of such high-minded concepts as duty, dignity, honor, and posterity to be antiquated notions no longer applicable in our more enlightened era; but if there is one thing that is abundantly clear, it is that despite all of our gadgets and toys, we are far from enlightened. Dogma and irrationality rule the day the same as they did in the dark recesses of the past. The only difference is in the dogmas espoused, and the heresies punished. While we may chortle that someone could be burned at the stake for heresy, simply discussing long-established biological differences between the races or sexes becomes an invitation for one to heap faggots (if you’ll pardon the pun) on their own funeral pyre. Indeed, hetero-normativity, the force of species propagation itself, is being relegated to the closet of “deviance.” In many Western countries such as the United Kingdom, we can watch policemen prance around, festooned in rainbow-colored garb, while the next block over a sex-segregated mosque has women with their clitorises and outer labia removed and their vaginas scarred-over in an ersatz hymen listen to an imam preach the gospel of another sort of slavery. Indeed, slavery remains uncritically practiced throughout the Muslim world with not one word of condemnation from Western governments; and yet the criticism of industrial-scale rape finds one carted off to prison, and the entire media affixed with a gag order to not speak of the Un-Personing of a Tommy Robinson. This is dispossession in real time; we must not notice the corrosive effects mass immigration and what passes for “liberalism” today are having on our society, however, because the basic framework of a society has been deemed “problematic.” As John Derbyshire commits the crime of observing:

For a male to point out that a fair proportion of successful women in showbiz are cheap sluts, or that metropolitan liberals are often crass snobs, or that the percentage of obnoxiously ethnocentric jerks among American Jews is rather high, is the cue for a Two Minutes Hate against the speaker… I’m sure Chinese students of the mid-1960s often nursed resentments against their teachers, politicians, and other authority figures. Those resentments were kept in check by polite traditional restraints, though, as well as by the enforcers of a totalitarian state. But once Mao Tse-tung let loose the Red Guards, the targets of ordinary social resentment could be humiliated, beaten, and killed. Our own Cultural Revolution has so far stopped at humiliation (and career-wrecking). But I quietly wonder how much longer that will continue to be the case.

The reviled white working class that actually builds the infrastructure, fights the wars for, and feeds the country is reviled by the “elites".

The judiciary is evidently too preoccupied with making sure Donald Trump cannot block anyone on Twitter to address the egregious infringement on our First Amendment rights that is the flagrantly unconstitutional “anti-Semitism” law just passed in South Carolina. The judicial branch has become just another arm of the egalitarians, subject to politicization and agenda advancement. “Lived experience” has become a substitute for knowledge, expertise, capability, and in the judiciary, objectivity (ie-Sonia Sotomayor). Judicial activism isn’t a new phenomenon —see Brown v. Board of Education and other examples of “constitutional law” that make a mockery of the actual Constitution— but it is becoming more prevalent, more pronounced, and more nakedly partisan. When the constitutionally-enshrined protections of our society are no longer respected, when the laws no longer apply to certain people and justice is no longer blind, when the system itself can be perverted to create a privileged class; that system has been corrupted and is fundamentally rotten.

This is a system that, when it isn’t neglecting the people it’s supposed to protect, is actively working to dispossess them. Far be it from the founding ideals of a government for the people by the people, the life-long bureaucracies, the aristocracy, the professional political and pundit class—these people live a life a world away from their countrymen, and in fact have grown so estranged, they no longer view themselves as citizens of the same country for all intents and purposes. The reviled white working class that actually builds the infrastructure, fights the wars for, and feeds the country is reviled by the “elites,” to the point where the combination of their scorn and their exoticizing fetish for their Guatemalan gardener and the Uber jihadi here literally based on chance has led them to simply give up on their countrymen and import a new nation of all colors and creeds but white and Christian. That this will inevitably end in a bloodbath doesn’t seem to matter, if the thought even crosses their minds. So divorced are they from any of the negative ramifications of their terribly destructive policies that the plight of their countrymen in the blasted mid-size cities, coal country, and steel country, the men and women who make their living with their hands, on a boat, under a car—they register not.


White males’ leading causes of death are suicide and car crashes; black males’ leading cause, by far, is other black males. Black children are twice as likely as white children to be victims of child abuse (mestizo children are also over-represented in the child abuse category). There’s a phrase that, even among whites, is becoming increasingly rare in its utterance and implementation: personal responsibility. This obviously racist and patriarchal notion holds that an individual must be held accountable for his or her (or zir?) own actions. Although there are often situations that are out of our control, we can control how we respond to them, and there are certain pitfalls that are guaranteed to lead to impoverishment people may easily avoid; and they’re basic common sense, such as dropping out of school and becoming a single parent, especially as a teenager.

Meanwhile, niche concerns, if you can even call them that, continue to carry the day. Vox is hung up on baseball being “so white,” but the deplorable treatment of women in Islam not only passes unnoticed, but has somehow been contorted into “empowerment.” To wit, baseball is actually not “so white,” unless you count Dominicans, Venezuelans, and Cubans as white. Almost a third of the league comes from Latin America, and though smaller than the black percentage, there are quite a few Asian players in Major League Baseball. A little over half the league is white, as if that means anything at all. There are few black pitchers and catchers, though, which brings me to my next point…

70% of blacks (and 75% of black women) and 53% of Hispanics voted for Proposition 8, the bill that sought to overrule a California State Supreme Court judgment that legalized same-sex marriage. Silicon Valley executives campaigned hard for a ‘No’ vote on Proposition 8, but Derek McCoy, African American Outreach Director for the Protect Marriage Campaign had this to say:

The reason I feel [blacks] came out so strong on the issue is one, for them, it’s not a civil rights issue, it’s a marriage issue. It’s about marriage being between a man and a woman and it doesn’t cut into the civil rights issue, about equality. The gay community was never considered a third of a person (my note: it was three-fifths).

Oh no, the Left’s pets aren’t on the same page of The Agenda! Yesha Callahan (Callahan? Really?) from The Root updates us on “today’s some white feminists ain’t shit news”:

Lena Dunham has proven once again that she’s a hot flaming garbage barge of trash (my note: agreed) … Now here’s where “feminism is for white women” comes into play. Just recently, Dunham said that all women should be believed when it comes to accusations of rape. But apparently that doesn’t apply to women who have allegedly been raped by her friends…But nothing shocks me, especially coming from someone who admitted to molesting her own sibling.


What does that have to do with feminism being “for white women”? I’m glad you asked. Once again, the mistake of mis-directed anti-white hatred is made. Dunham’s (who’s Jewish) friend in question, one Murray Miller (also Jewish), stands accused of raping mixed-race actress Aurora Perrineau, daughter of the terrific actor Harold Perrineau, and of course Callahan in a ringing endorsement of the One Drop Rule comes to the very Italian-looking Aurora Perrineau’s defense. This tells you all you need to know about racial and ethnic solidarity.

Somehow, it all comes full circle to the white cis-het male patriarchy who built the damn thing as cruel oppressors.

That said, as much as I want to rip on Callahan, I actually agree with what she has to say. Dunham is yet another of these “situational ethics” Leftists who talk a big game but, under pressure from the grossly hypocritical Hollywood super-structure, the kind Ashley McGuire excoriated in a chapter of her terrific book Sex Scandal, Dunham showed what lurks behind the feminist façade. She is the perfect Hillary Clinton Democrat. The Inclusion Brigade’s entire platform is built on hypocrisy and lies. Michael Eric Dyson informs us, “What I’ve seen under the wonderful presidency of Barack Obama is the tendency to not tell white people the truth, for obvious reasons—they don’t vote for you.” This black taqiyya is identical to the one practiced by Leftists, Islamists, and other “oppressed identity” movements, as the so-called Coalition of the Fringes, bound by nothing but, variously, faith-based, class-based, civilizational, and/or racial and ethnic (self-)hatred, use one another as a means to an end—of Western civilization.

John Derbyshire notes;
“While blacks who live in black countries like Ghana are risking their lives and their families’ life savings to escape to white countries, blacks who live in white countries express no gratitude for their good fortune. Do these latter blacks ever themselves reflect on this contradiction? I doubt it.”

Somehow, it all comes full circle to the white cis-het male patriarchy who built the damn thing as cruel oppressors. Right. Listen, Whitey: You can proclaim “ally-ship” all you want—that won’t save you when the time comes. Quoting Sam Francis:

The indifference and hostility of non-whites to symbols and icons of white heritage and identity expose the central fallacy of the “multi-racial-ism” that our current political and cultural elites promote. Its premise is that different races and ethnic groups can all “get along” with each other, that they can live together in egalitarian harmony, and that, as President Clinton said in 1998, “we can strengthen the bonds of our national community as we grow more racially and ethnically diverse.”

This is of course a ludicrous proposition that flies in the face of all historical precedent, group psychology, and intractable biological differences. There is simply no way that, in any appreciable number, immigrants from alien cultures will assimilate and adopt our way of life. Instead, they will agitate to re-configure it more to their liking. Returning to Francis:

When you admit racial and cultural aliens into institutions created by and for people of a different race and culture, you’re going to have problems. The newcomers don’t feel comfortable…and if they gain power, which eventually they will, they will do all they can to abolish and eradicate those symbols that make them feel like the outsiders they are…It’s everything—everything whites…ever created and built, from their form of government, to their religion, to their art and entertainment, to what they teach in universities. Non-whites of all races and cultures are increasingly aware that they just don’t fit in the institutions built by whites, and therefore they demand that these institutions bend to their will.

The “conservatives” have done nothing to conserve the Historic American Nation and its traditions, or to save its institutions from corruption. For Chris Buskirk and Seth Leibsohn:

The media and intellectual elite failed to see what was happening in the country because they were trained to abhor much of what middle America loves about the country. On the Left, the Constitution and the Declaration are just the tools that white male slave owners used to keep power and subjugate a nation. As such, ignoring or replacing them is a moral imperative (my note: and even that does not go far enough for many on the Left—they want to replace not just the progeny of this small percentage of the population that was slave owners, but the entire racial kin of those slave owners, who, all told, were maybe five percent of the population of the South according to the 1860 census—the one-quarter of Southerners owning slaves is deceptively derived from “slave-owning families” when it would only have been the head of the household—and less than two percent of the nation overall; additionally, most of those responsible for the “machinery” of slavery—the auctions, the shipping vessels, et cetera—were not white at all, but Jews, and the first legally-sanctioned slave owner in what would become the United States was a black man named Anthony Johnson) and on the Right, they just want to make sure no one calls them a racist or fascist.

The “elites” prime the population for replacement with ceaseless propaganda, and they disarm peoples’ counter-arguments with “nation of immigrants” pap; this ploy relies on ignorance, but it’s obviously working. In the universities, whites are trained to despise themselves and their heritage with all of the vitriol of any good champagne socialist —and they get to pay for the privilege— while non-whites are charged with the same hatred of their white “oppressors.” The minds of impressionable youths are being shaped to favor heavy-handed and intrusive bureaucracy as the solution to the hell-scape created by those same ideologically-motivated professors’ and administrators’ ensconced in the ivory tower’s co-“revolutionaries,” who themselves are immune from the ramifications of the multi-cultural totalitarianism they support. And this is certainly not confined to the training ground of the academy, or the Marxist education system in general; no, it is pervasive in every facet of daily life from popular culture to the workplace to the halls of power.

The Resistance is the Establishment.


John Q. Publius

by John Q. Publius

John Q. Publius writes for Republic Standard and runs the blog The Anatomically Correct Banana.