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The story of a spicy meme, leftist bigotry & white genocide.

In November of 2017, those clever boys over at 4chan devised a meme that would cause controversy across the western world and expose the left's true anti-white colors. It was simple and effective. It was a blank piece of paper with the words “It’s okay to be white” written on it.

The reaction of the left spoke louder than the meme itself ever could. These innocuous words posted all over college campuses and the streets of America have done more to expose the left's racist vitriol towards whites than years of debate and discourse. The leftist outrage that flooded social media unanimously said the same thing. This is racism! But why, what about these words are racist? Is it not okay to be white? The liberal media’s overwhelming response to the meme was unanimous and resounding. No, it’s not okay to be white- and in doing this their agenda has been illuminated for all to see.


#ItsOkayToBeWhite was a big win for the cause of free speech. It caused the left, once again to expose themselves with their usual emotionally driven reactionary response. Like any whiny child, the leftists never think before blurting out something they later come to regret- and oh boy, they will come to regret this one.

What has this got to do with South Africa?

And that’s a good question. Allow me explain. On my journey of discovery into the left's hatred for anything white, I noticed the a deafening silence coming from liberal media. It is not like the liberal media to be quiet about anything. Pink hats, a tax bill that will crack the planet in two, Matt Damon being correct. All these things whip the media into a frenzy. And yet, around the subject of whites in South Africa being murdered on an unprecedented scale there is nothing. Nada. The Election of new ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa received glittering coverage. Nothing for the slaughter of the white.

In this so called Rainbow Nation there is a purposeful and politically driven persecution of whites that at best is an attempt at a reverse apartheid and at worst is ethnic cleansing of the most savage variety.

White people living and working on farms are set about with hammers, kidnapped, stabbed and murdered in brutal ways with the de facto approval and encouragement from the S.A Government.


Nothing from the left about raising awareness of this fact, nothing coming from the very group that claims to fight for persecuted minorities. The left is oddly silent on the subject, which seemed counter-intuitive to everything they claim to uphold. We see protesting in the streets against what perceived oppressions of minorities in America and yet barely a single word of dissent in the West for the very real persecution of white minorities in South Africa.  Shame on us all.

The genocide of whites in Africa must enter the Western discourse.  If we can meme It Is Okay To Be White into the world then surely we can bring forth news of a very real white genocide. The consciousness of the average citizen must be opened to the reality that not only can whites be victims of racism, whites can be victims of ethnic cleansing too. So-called privilege will not protect you. Shine a light on to the liberal hypocrisy.

What is really happening over there?

Whites in South Africa account for less than 9% of the population. Despite this they make up 40% of all homicide victims, more than 70,000 whites have been murdered and untold numbers have been robbed, raped and tortured since Nelson Mandela and the communist African National Congress (ANC) ascended to power in 1994.

Around 50 people are murdered every single day in South Africa, whites make up around 20% of the victims. South Africa is not Chicago. This is not an example of white on white crime. There are very few white gangbangers in South Africa.

According to the human rights organization Genocide Watch, The murder rate of whites in South Africa is 4 times higher than the average.

A considerable number of crimes are not reported due to the corruption in the South African police force. Hence, the only information we can get is outdated and probably under-representative of the real statistics. On the ground investigation is essential and urgent to bring this story further to light.


Around 400,000 white working class citizens live in White Squatter Camps. These camps often have nothing but wooden and metal shacks for homes and no electricity. Many struggle to find food and water to feed their families.

Due to South Africa’s affirmative action program Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), many whites are refused work for the color of their skin. This program ensures every place of employment has a demographic representation of 80% black South Africans. So much for diversity. Creating a situation where people are hired based on skin color rather than skill requirements has caused a major brain drain. 95% of white working age people have been forced to flee the country in search of employment. The South African economy has taken a huge hit and only unskilled workers are available to fill the highly skilled vacant jobs. Driven by the rage against the Apartheid regime, black South Africa is abandoning progress in favour of self-destruction.

Danie Brink, chief executive of the Solidariteit Helpende Hand aid organization said:

"The public sector is supposed to give jobs to all the people of a country, but affirmative action keeps our people out.[It] prevents our people, Afrikaners, white people specifically, to get into jobs- specifically in the public sector."

South Africa has the biggest welfare state in the world, where 6% of the population contribute to 99% of all tax revenue. Hardline socialist economic policy strips the prosperous majority white demographic and distributes the wealth to the majority black poor.


Retaliation is racist

White activists in South Africa hold #BlackMonday protests to raise awareness Of the white farmer murders that have been taking place. The African National Congress (ANC) declared the protest to be racist stating

"The myopic call for the protection of farmers, referring in particular to white farm owners, points to an ill-conceived sense of special entitlement, gives a biased racial character to crime, brutality, and violence which affects all South Africans and ignores and undermines the deaths of farm workers and other persons on farms."

The dehumanization of whites

Since the end of apartheid in 1994, there has been an effort to demonize whites. This has played a massive part in justifying the murder, rape, and torture of white South Africans for more than 23 years.

Here is renowned terrorist and liberal golden boy Nelson Mandela with his communist ANC comrades singing

“We the member of the M.K. have pledged ourselves to kill them, the ama-BHULU (whites)”

Children in school singing 'Kill the Boer' in 1990

Chairman of Genocide Watch Dr. Gregory Stanton explains how whites have been dehumanized.

Kill the Boer. It is not about liberation from Apartheid any more. This is retribution. Retaliation.

When asked about the murders of white farmers in his country, former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said;

“Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask- why should we arrest them?”

Despite his recent removal I suspect not much will change for the plight of whites in South Africa.  Despite this example of what happens to African countries when you exterminate the producers of wealth, there seems to be no desire to expunge this racist and nationalist form of socialism from the continent. The racist murders will continue.

At first glance, it would seem out of character for the bleeding heart liberals to ignore such atrocities. The left’s hatred for all things white extends even to the point where they will sit back and let a genocide unfold before their very upturned noses.

There needs to be a concerted effort to raise awareness of what's happening. If like me you care about the plight of the white South African people, and believe in standing up against real persecution of minorities, then we need to make more noise.

We need to shout it from the roof tops and let the world know what’s happening, we need to force our politicians to raise this issue in government.

We need to let the liberal hypocrites know that we won’t let our fellow white man be slaughtered and ignored just because of the colour of their skin.

We need to let the world know that It is most certainly not okay to be white in South Africa. Currently there is no U.S Ambassador to South Africa, but the British have strong links there.

Stand with the white farmers against ethnic cleansing. You can help by tweeting this article to Nigel Casey, who is the British High Commissioner to South Africa, and request that he urgently examines this dreadful matter.

It is okay to be white. Save the Boer.

Pip R N Stanton

by Pip R N Stanton

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