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There's been plenty of mention on this side of the internet of The Culture War. It would seem quite a few people still believe that everything that's happened over the past decade or so somehow only boils down to culture. While an argument could have been made to support that idea some time ago, that time has obviously passed. The attacks coming at our people are no longer limited to our culture and our heritage—our identities and birthrights are being targeted now. What we have moved into now is The Identity War; and just as it was with the "Culture War", if we overlook certain fronts because the intellectuals think them frivolous, then we set ourselves up for failure.

The point of this series of articles is to call attention to those long-neglected fronts so that we on the Ethnic Right can start gaining some ground back. But, before I get into the meat of it, I'll explain why I use terms like "fronts," "battles," and "weapons." Though what we have at the moment is not a war in the traditional sense (yet), we do have something that needs to be fought so that our sons and daughters inherit a world worth living in. To not think of our predicament as a war is to diminish the direness of our situation and the importance of what we need to accomplish.

With that brief introduction out of the way, let's begin.

When we think of the current state of affairs as a war, we need to understand that a war is fought on multiple fronts. So, the question is: "What are the fronts in a war for culture, identity, and preservation?" Of course, there's too many to name here, but the four major ones are Media, Entertainment, Education, and Tech. With control of these, one can control the zeitgeist. Unfortunately, it's plain to see the Globalists and their many divisions have had a stranglehold on those fronts for decades.

I'm not going to focus on any of these for this first part. The aim of this part is to look at the bigger picture. However, let's take a bit of time to examine the Media front as it illustrates the larger point.

A few years ago, the entirety of The Right was feeling on top. They had been fighting hard on the Media front, creating thousands of alternative media sites and channels. As a result, trust in the mainstream media was at an all-time low, and Brexit and Trump happened. The Globalists were the laughing stock of the internet, and The Right was drunk on memes and Hangouts.

So, what happened to the high?

Well, a lot of things can be said, but ultimately, it was the fracturing of The Right (into the Idea Right and the Ethnic Right) and the Ethnic Right's response that led to our current low. After the Idea Right distanced itself from the Ethnic Right and sold out to maintain its stream of money, the Ethnic Right retreated further into their blogs and channels. They essentially anchored themselves to the alternative media arena, which proved to be a severe misstep. They huddled themselves into a single front, making them not only easy to defend against but also vulnerable to attacks coming from other fronts.

That last part is what I really want to hone in on. What ended up happening was rather than centering their attacks on the Media front itself, the Globalists used their superiority on the Tech front to begin silencing and starving the Ethnic Right from fighting on the Media front. They started deplatforming, demonetizing, and outright denying access to their payment processors and markets.


This was the key to the Ethnic Right's downfall. The lack of attention to the other fronts was the opening our opposition used to suppress the resistance on the Media front. It pains me to compliment the Globalists, but give credit where credit is due. They saw an opening and exploited it. If the enemy has better weapons, should you continue to fight head-on, or should you cut off their supply to metals and effectively give them no chance to even make the weapons?

This is the reason the Ethnic Right needs to branch out into the other fronts in order to create a whole resistance.

Of course, I'm not the first to talk about things like this. There's been a call to move into the Tech front for some time now. However, when it comes to the other fronts, the only thing ever done is a casual mention of the problems in Education or the lack of Entertainment for our side from the same thinkers hunkered into the Media front.

"The Left owns Hollywood, the publishing houses, and the music industry."

"The cultural Marxists have infected and taken over Academia."

"The tech giants are all SJW-owned propaganda machines."

Ironically, the only prescription seems to be creating more alt-media blogs and videos. "Do more of the same and hope that solves it." Well, I don't want to merely pay the same lip-service they have.

So, to address the seemingly glaring hypocrisy I may be guilty of in writing about this in the Media front, I'll say this:

  1. I understand the utility of the Media front in its ability to galvanize people into action. It all starts there. I'm not calling for an end to alternative blogs and channels. They are as important as anything else. I'm only calling for more action elsewhere. And,
  2. I'm more of a creative individual, so I'll be putting some effort into the Entertainment front for my part. But, the purpose of this article is not to toot my own horn, so I'll leave that at that for now. The point is: we need to be versatile.

Over the next couple of articles, I'll be exploring some of the pitfalls of taking the route of "just get more of us in Academia, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley." That may seem like the obvious answer, but it won't work. In addition to being versatile, we need to be thinking outside of the box… just like we did with alt-media.

We cannot afford to continue making the same mistakes and leaving ourselves open for defeat. We cannot ignore the other fronts and simply hope for the "message" to change everything on its own. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: statistics and rates only get you so far. In order for things to really change the way we need them to, we absolutely must engage elsewhere. We have to be present in every arena of life in order to get things rolling again.

As stated before, this is a war. And, we need to start treating it as such, or we stand to lose more than we can ever hope to regain. We need to play this smart.



by Motley

An Identitarian writer thinking outside the box