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We are very happy to meet you. Now, let's get to work.

At Republic Standard our interest is politics. Our focus is modern, cutting-edge conservative thinking from around the globe. With the election of President Donald Trump, the whole world has seen what is possible with a politics based on principles and belief, instead of fear, corruption, and cronyism. Some liberals are already laughing at the very idea of this, but it is objectively true.

So far Mr. Trump has seen:

  • The Economy growing well
  • Massive job creation
  • A foreign policy that works with allies
  • The swamp is beginning to drain
  • Immigration down
  • The border wall being tested.

All within one year. That's results, whereas President Obama just recited catchphrases and played with a softball liberal media.

Mr. Trump has achieved all this under relentless assault from both Democrats and RINOs. He has achieved this through the support of regular Americans. He has begun the long process of Making America Great Again not just for the USA, but as an example for the whole world.

Most important of all is that the MAGA movement has shown that the mainstream media narrative cannot just be fought, but it can be beaten. We are all journalists now, as Andrew Breitbart predicted and demanded.

I'm alive and I'm going to keep going and standing up for what I believe in. Once you get to that point, boy, are you dangerous. -Andrew Breitbart

The social media empires try to censor conservatives at every turn, while turning a blind eye to racism and calls for violence from the leftists.

The left-wing tar us all with false insults that merely diminish the power of words to be insulting and muddy the waters; making it ever more difficult to combat genuine bigotry and discrimination.

The press gathers as a gaggle of squawking and brainless birds around morons who dress up as Nazis, and then claim that this is all because of the racist in the White House.

Only a corrupted ideologue or a fool believes this narrative that has been presented to us. There is no shame in being fooled. What is shameful is being fooled again. And again. And again. The internet is not new anymore. We should undestand how weaponized it has become. We have such power at our fingertips that our ancestors shake their heads in wonder.

What should we use it for, if not to liberate ourselves?

This is the fundamental message of Republic Standard. In a time when the powerful conspire in public to strip citizens of their rights, their lands, and their culture, who will stand against them?

This is the duty of a free press. As we all see, the press is no longer free. The mainstream media has been corrupt for so long that hardly any man can remember a time that it wasn't. Maybe it was never free. In my homeland of the United Kingdom, there is no freedom of the press. The companies that produce so-called news are operated by millionaires in the interest of billionaires.

Maybe you recognize a similar situation in your country.

When the press will not do its duty, it is the citizens who must step up. At Republic Standard we are not industry insiders or backed by investment firms. We do not have access to the halls of power. No one curries our favor, and they would not get it if they did.

We are citizen journalists, and for all that our detractors will call us 'fake news' or not a legitimate source- let us ask; what makes a source legitimate? Is it a millionaire editor? Is it smothering stories for fear of offending your banking cartel advertisers? Is it hiring Jayson Blair, the New York Times diversity hire who plagiarised and made up stories that liberals preened over? If this behavior is such a lofty goal we will stay with the people; thank you ever so kindly.

If the Telegraph of London, CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, The BBC, The Guardian, Washington Post and the lions share of all the other media outlets are so desperate for money, who can be surprised that they will lie for gold. Let them roll over to corporate interests if they want.

At Republic Standard we don't play that way. What we do is inform you of our bias. We are pro-Trump. We are pro-Western Civilization. We are pro-state and sovereign national rights. We are pro-freedom from oppression in any and all forms in which it may appear- and we mean real oppression- tyranny. Oppression is not the nebulous and racist idea that one can be oppressed by someone else's skin color. We believe in capitalism.

Everything is up for debate, because we are free people.

We are also very pleased to announce our affiliation with who will be operating and curating our comments sections. Freebird is also a highly secure discussion forum which will not censor you for expressing your opinion; as Disqus is prone to do. Freebird is a great platform that is run by trustworthy folk who aren't interested in stealing your data or selling you RayBans. Go register with them now, and tell them Republic Standard said hi. On the day that Twitter has started to ban people on the right for thought-crime, it just makes sense to work with quality people we trust.

You can read more about how to get started with Freebird on their FAQs page.

This just about wraps up for today. If you want to write for Republic Standard, pitch me. I'm always looking for great content that entertains and informs the public.

Together we must take responsibility for our own education and information. Mainstream Media, the vast majority of university professors and the peddlers of Neo-Marxist identity politics are not our allies. They only want power.

Knowledge is power. Take it, and share it. It is your birthright. But you must claim it.

Ash Sharp

The Editor

by The Editor