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The ending of the Second World War  brought a Communist and Capitalist sponsored Neo-Liberal victory over Nazi Germany, Italy, Japan, and their allies. Europe, North Africa and large swathes of China and the wider Far East were devastated by conflict in a way that would have seemed unimaginable just 50 years before. The dropping of the atom bombs signaled, at least for some, that a new apocalyptic future was emerging. This Armageddon-like scenario, however, has thankfully not yet occurred.

The splitting of Germany and the global struggle between the capitalistic West and Moscow-led Communism in the east during the Cold war polarised the world. The decline and retreat of the British Empire and indeed other European colonial powers such as the French and Dutch opened up new areas of opportunity for the world’s two new superpowers. This ultimately meant that proxy wars, independence, and insurgency became widespread, as the United States and the Soviet Union maneuvered for dominance in the world while doing their utmost to avoid fighting a nuclear war against each other.

Propaganda and continuous mainstream media consumption would lead you to believe that liberal values are on the left of the political spectrum and conservative values are on the right. Since the 1960s, things have become muddled. While the left wing communist Soviet Union, its satellite states and Marxist allies maintained the traditional family and gender roles, the Capitalist West endured the liberal revolution of the 1960s. Capitalism is on the right of the political spectrum, yet it has been allowed to evolve into Corporatism and has largely profited from promoting left-wing causes.

There is no point wielding power if the power you wield is faulty. The power that you clasp in your hand must benefit you and your nation first, not another nation first. On top of that, the more cultural and racial differences you have in a society, the more time you will have to spend wielding your power to please them, and even more time in the future in preventing those different groups from coming into conflict.

As well as this, the ruling elite who currently wield power in the Capitals of the West is often not even loyal to the nations in whose service their authority is supposed to be used. Instead, their belief in the global community, inter-governmental organizations and a borderless world, known as globalism, means that they seriously consider giving away the power of their country to others.

They do not see the slightest bit of irony when, for example, France’s National Assembly hands over power to the European Union in Brussels. This is because for them Brussels - an intergovernmental body – is the future of power. They want the European Union to become a federation -perhaps even an Empire- and so moving power from their nation state’s legislature to Brussels is logical to them.

The problem, of course, is that intergovernmental bodies are infected with the same kind of faulty power with which their nations are also suffering. So instead of creating an Empire that could aspire to greatness, they are creating a monster that needs to be taken down. Whether that monster should be changed, or destroyed and rebuilt, or indeed just destroyed, is a matter of debate.

It can be argued that some leaders like Viktor Orban of Hungary are fighting the European Union while wanting to remain it. A similar relationship is demonstrated when examining American President Donald Trump and his conflict with the United Nations.

A power that promotes low birth rates, mass immigration, welfare dependency, single motherhood, and minorities is, in reality, a parasite of its own making. It feasts on its population and begins to turn in on itself as its policies mature and wreak havoc in society. The only benefactors of such power are the subversives accelerating its menacing actions and the foreign forces that will invade and pillage the land after its fall.

Away from political power, even the power of community and family is currently under attack.

If the family is the most natural form of community, the most basic and essential structure of kinship, then that too must be governed by the rules of power; and it is. The father, or indeed the dominant male in a herd, throughout the history of mammals, has usually been the leader. The wife/mother/girlfriend comes second, with the children third and pets last. If countries do not have strong, stable families, they will not have a stable society, and consequently will destabilize and lose any power they have.
It leaves Western nations rotten from the bottom up, leaving them vulnerable to outside attack from foreign powers. The subversive elements of it are horrifying at first hand, and the complete self-destruction of the West will be their greatest casualty unless something is done.
In some ways, this corrupted power is a useful tool in seeing the inherent failure of democracy because it exposes its weaknesses so clearly. Without the all-powerful autocrat who has the final say, countries are burdened with democracies whose actions can be overruled by a judge. Whether a criminal case brings such a case, a judicial review or an inquiry; it is clear that the power of the judiciary, especially in America, is growing.

So in the modern West, power is divided between the legislature, the judiciary, charities, local councils and those who finance and lobby political parties; as well as anything else that you can think of that wields influence over you. If you now consider that these entities are actively working against the best interest of their populations, whether deliberately or out of stupidity, and also consider that they fight amongst themselves repeatedly, you can begin to see the problems with the modern power structure.

Now, of course, autocracy itself can bring tyranny; Chairman Mao’s China and Stalin’s Soviet Union being the first that come to mind. You might say a compromise would be a democratic legislature with a Monarch as well. This Monarch could firmly overall any insanity in the society that existed below him, and public pressure, as well as constitutional restraints, would, in turn, keep him in check. This is a solution I have sympathy with, as this could theoretically go some way to help Western societies.

Whatever the solution is to saving the West, streamlining power must be one of the most critical aspects of it. Divided power brings a divided nation, and countries like the United States of America are currently suffering the consequences of such a reality.

Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.