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On the 11th of November 2017, while the U.S remembered Veteran’s Day, and the United Kingdom commemorated Armistice Day, Poland witnessed a Neo-Nazi rally. Or so we are led to believe.

Editor's Note: This article first appeared on Medium, and was in fact my 4th article on the subject of politics- ever. It is reprinted here as apparently there are some opinions that must not be expressed- like Twitter last week, Medium have decided that I am too horrific to be permitted to speak. Anyway, enjoy this article about national identity and the liberal narrative. ~A.S.

This is to those who cried that Poland should ‘remember her history’. This is to those who said that Poland has become a Nazi country, a racist country. This is to those who say that the Polish are wrong for wanting their country to be Polish, while those who criticise from afar stand by as their own children are annihilated with trucks, with guns, with nail-bombs, disfigured with acid, stabbed and gang-raped.

How dare you criticise what you do not understand, you spineless weasels.

This is what was said, without irony. That the good people of Poland are not willing to fight back against evil. When Poland stood alone against the might of Nazi Germany and the USSR in 1939; where were the good people of the West? A country that was 21 years old, after 123 years of partition by the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Empire, a country promised by her allies that she would be not be alone. A Country betrayed by France. Betrayed by my own England, when the Wehrmacht rolled in from the west and the Red Army from the east.

A country that lost more than six million citizens to genocide, to starvation, to mass execution, disease, forced labour, bombing, the rifle and tank. A country betrayed again by noble Roosevelt and Churchill at Yalta, sold into oppression under the Communist Stalin.

The United States of America, is your Independence Day Neo-Nazi?

France, is your Bastille Day Neo-Nazi?

Germany, is your Day of Unity Neo-Nazi?

Oh, but it is when Poland, who suffered more than any under Nazism- it is Neo-Nazi for Poland to celebrate her freedom.

This is a sick joke.

And you say, how dare Poland take pride in their nation? You say they are Nazis? Ha! In our superior West European countries, we can barely fly our own flags for the fear and shame of being called a nationalist. In England, we argue every damn year about whether the Poppy of Passchendaele is now a symbol of imperialism and hate. We promote the idea that we cannot be proud anymore. We have sold ourselves into a lie.


And yet we have the temerity to criticise Poland. Poland, a free country for less than thirty years. A free country for barely 50 years out of the last two hundred. A country who now is bullied by the eurocrats and looked down upon for not, somehow, being a magically progressive country like Germany or France or the United Kingdom or the United States.

We look down on Poland, who saved all Europe at Vienna’s gates, with her glorious winged hussars. We look down on Poland, who sent her invincible sons to fly in the Royal Air Force against the might of the Luftwaffe. We look down on Poland, who today sends her children to our nations to do the jobs we are too proud to do. This is a disgrace.

Poland remembers the sacrifices of Britain better than the British.

The Guard of Honor at the Warsaw Memorial to RAF 178 Squadron, shot down delivering aid to the Warsaw Uprising, 1944.

The shame is ours.

Przepraszam Polsko.


You people who see Neo-Nazis where patriots stand, shame on you. Are there some fascists in Poland? Yes. There are. No more than in your country. You people who see fascists under the bed and in the White House, shame on you. You forget what it is to love your country.

To my shame, I forgot what it meant to love mine.

Dziękuję bardzo Polsko. Before I knew your country I had no love for my own. Thank you. No one would say that you are perfect in every way, but none of us are. The bible says, judge not lest ye be judged but of course we secular folk pay this no mind.

Poland is not a rich country. There are many problems in Poland. I do not mean to suggest that there is nothing to dislike in Poland. It is not for ignorant foreigners like me to say. Instead, I will say only good things.

Thank you, Poland. The lakes and forests of Masuria are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Thank you, Poland. The wife you have given me has changed me as a person, for the better. I hope to give you many (half) Polish sons in return.


Thank you, Poland for your hospitality, for your maintenance of tradition. Thank you for toasting family and friends with vodka. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for remembering what we have forgotten. Thank you Kazimierz. Thank you for Krakow. Thank you for Warsaw. Thank you for Wrocław and Pisz and Gdansk and Elbląg. Thank you for your mountains. Thank you for warm welcomes and fond goodbyes.

In the west, we are accustomed to walking with our heads up, our eyes on the horizon. Instinctively confident. Under the Soviets, Polish children were taught a poem containing the lines who are you? I am a little Pole. The Polish were taught that the USSR saved them from Hitler. Another sick joke.

Just a little Pole. No more. Look up, Poland. Be proud of your Independence Day, and to hell with anyone who spitefully denigrates you or tries to use you for their politics. You are right to march together and to make your own way. Do not listen to us in the West who tell you what to do, what to think or what to feel. Your country is yours. Your future is yours. The shame is ours.

When I indoctrinated myself with Neo-Marxist ideology I learned to be ashamed of my nation. I am still deconditioning my worldview, slowly shrugging off the false ideas that we bear the sins of our fathers but none of the glory. The paradox of this cancer on our minds is that I guarantee every single person who spread the lie that Poland’s independence day was a Neo-Nazi rally is a hypocrite. Every gentile of them supports a free Palestinian state, ruled by a terrorist group. Every Jew among them supports a Jewish Israel. But none of them support the Polish state. They would see Poland culturally enriched, with anti-truck bollards on the streets of Warsaw, and a mosque on each corner. Poland, for the crime of not obeying the EU Plutocrats, you will be slandered.

This is abject racism, because Poland is 97.7% ethnically Polish- and would like to stay that way. To the globalist, Neo-Marxist agenda this is unacceptable. South Africa can be black. Japan can be Japanese. Poland, you must not be Polish.

Shaun King, The Guardian, The Independent, Al-Jazeera, ABC News- stop your lies. We see you. Every one of you speaks about black oppression, Muslim oppression- oppressions that do not exist! How ironic that you can look at people who lived through real Communist oppression, and say they have no right to a national identity today.

The message you spread is the ideological inheritor of that which subjugated Poland for forty-five years, and we will fight you to the end.

długo żyj Polsko.

Video by British YouTuber Irate Bear, reading this article.

Video by British YouTuber The Iconoclast, bringing great analysis.

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Note: 18/04/2018
This article was originally published on November 14th, 2017. It is republished here following the deletion of my account with the blogging site as part of an ideologically motivated purging of conservative voices across social media. They would have been succesful too- if we had not built this magazine for the express purpose of protecting free expression online. How many voices have been silenced already? How many more will go into the dark without a whimper?

At Republic Standard we do not censor- we demand to be proven wrong. Instead of meeting ideas in good faith, the powerful liberal elite believes that we can just be swept under the carpet and forgotten about. They are wrong.

Thanks: 20/11/2017

I wrote this article while breaking the cardinal rule of the internet- don’t be mad online. In honesty after seeing the negative press about Independence Day I did not feel right sitting on my sofa with my wonderful Polish fiancee, saying nothing. I did not expect to be almost alone in speaking out against the misrepresentation in Western media, but this shows us how huge our task is in recovering our nations from the hands of fools.

I never expected to be met with such a wave of positive responses, and truly incredible stories from Polish people and people of Polish descent. I have tried to reply to everyone, but if you have commented and I missed you- I’m sorry, and thank you! This piece has been read over 55,000 times; which for a guy with no mainstream support and a tiny social media following is incredible. I am truly humbled to have touched so many with simple words, but I suppose this is a lesson to me to speak the truth whenever I can. I will try to do that more in the future. Anyway, before this turns into another essay on it’s own, again- I am grateful for your support and words, even if we do not agree.
Bardzo dziękuję!

The Editor

by The Editor