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One of the saddest and most bizarre television experiences I have ever had was on a British news channel around 18 months ago. I don’t watch television often, but this report struck me very deeply. The report, surprisingly fair in its nature, was about Trump’s so-called base of support in the heartlands of America. The journalist and crew had gone to rural Georgia, to interview a white mother and stable yard owner, her daughter and the daughter’s friends. At first, the atmosphere was what you would expect for a rural scene – little noise, animals grazing and the odd 4x4 vehicle cruising along a dirt track. But then something was shown that hit me like a brick.

The Mother took the camera crew and reporter across the stable yard and into her office, and on the wall, taking pride of place, was the Israeli flag. The American flag was there too, but it was obviously demoted to a secondary position. This really struck me very deeply, because, in England where I live, it would be unthinkable for a rural white family to have the flag of the Jewish ethnostate anywhere on their property, let alone giving it pride of place above their own national flag. The strong support displayed for Israel by American conservatives and center-left Democrats is a baffling phenomenon to us Europeans. Sure, the so-called ‘counter-jihad’ and ‘Alt-Lite’ movements in Europe support Israel, but among the electorate as a whole, Israel is a barely cared about entity. For example, many people in England, even some politicians, thought that the footage of Charlie Kirk getting overly-excited when he attended the opening of America’s embassy in Jerusalem was a parody.

In Britain, there is a strong sense of the English, the Welsh, the Scottish and the Irish. Despite mass immigration, these differences are obvious because of accents, sporting events, culture, and banter between the different groups. The ‘American identity’ displayed by white Americans is evidently a subconscious way of expressing the success and culture of white America without actually saying it is White America. Perhaps that’s a symptom of living on a continent different from your ancestors, but it is also the reality of a people forced by law enforcement and political correctness to suppress their in-group interest.

It is also clear, as it is in Europe, that Sportsball is a diversion for testosterone and tribalism, draining the energies of the White man and directing his will to lesser goals and loyalties. This is all the more tragic in America because the stadiums packed with White spectators are supporting majority black football teams. Indeed, some teams are completely black, and the immoral and illegal behavior of the players on and off the field makes me wonder why any person would pay to watch them.

The American Conservative’s obsession with the Constitution is also puzzling. In no other country on Earth does a political faction stake so much capital on a document which is both changeable (via Amendments and Repeals) and open to interpretation (via the Judiciary). It would be the equivalent of the English basing their 2019 election campaign on the Magna Carta or the French basing theirs on the Napoleonic Code. If America is to survive, it must be built around its core productive population with their culture, history, and interests taken to heart; it must not be built around a document.

The synthetic and false identity now espoused by many White Americans is tragic as it is self-defeating. The combination of Sportsball, supporting Israel, Constitutionalism and the two-party system leaves a lot to be desired. On top of that, the cosmopolitan identity which is growing among the wealthy and middle-class whites on the east and west coasts not only is degenerate and nihilistic, but it is also polar opposite to the majority white populations in the heartlands of America, known often as flyover country. As the divide grows between coastal whites and the whites in the heartlands, the fabric of the nation will surely be pushed to breaking point – with mass immigration probably delivering the killer blow.

Certainly, the size and geography of America is no barrier to having a cohesive, productive white population in the country – just look at Russia’s patriotic fervor. The key to the future is White Americans forming a collective structure in the society which effortlessly weaves its way through class barriers and different political groups. The people, rather than the Constitution, must be regarded as the primary pillar of the nation. America First must be the core political philosophy, however clichéd it may now feel following Trump’s betrayal of his base. Certainly, the Semitic influence among America’s elite makes this difficult, but it is certainly not impossible, and whites should never give up. They need an identity that they grow up with which stays with them for the rest of their lives. The political struggle to achieve this will no doubt be tough, but in the long term, it will surely be worth it.

The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph. – George Washington.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.