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Cities like Melbourne and Sydney were known around the world for their high living standards, nice weather and a peaceful, vibrant culture. Now sadly a more sinister reputation is engulfing these cities and many more in Australia, and the specter of immigration is once more to blame.

Although Australia has largely stopped illegal migrant boats from South East Asia thanks to Operation Sovereign Borders, which involves the country’s Defense Forces, the country has continued to accept asylum seekers and migrants from elsewhere. Around 12,000-13,000 people from the third world are accepted into the country every year, with Australian authorities also agreeing to a one-off additional intake of 12,000 people fleeing Syria and Iraq.

It is the arrivals from African countries, specifically Sudan, which are currently causing a major upsurge in crime. Despite making up just 0.15% of Victoria State’s population, people from Sudan are 33 times more likely to be charged with rioting, and 57 times more likely to be charged with aggravated robbery. They are also the 2nd and 3rd most likely group to commit serious assault and car theft and are 6.135 times more likely to arrested.

Police in Melbourne had initially denied the existence of African gangs, something which the liberal-left jumped on in their campaign to open Australia’s borders. However after a brand new community center was trashed by an African gang, the Police finally admitted their existence. The gang which trashed the community center was called MTS, which stands for Menace to Society, and is linked to a much more deadly gang, named Apex.


The Apex gang has admitted on several occasions that its goal is to "f*** things up" in Australia, despite the fact that many of its members only arrived in the country in the last 15 years. During the Moomba festival in 2016, up to 40 members of this gang ran riot and ruined the event. Their specialty is hijacking cars and stealing bags in parks, as well as home invasions.

These invasions typically involve smashing windows, graffiti, attacking residents and the theft of phones, computers, cars, and keys. It is quite common for several houses in the same street to be attacked at the same time, with empty houses being used for lawless parties which the authorities have to end with the use of force.

Instead of urging people to fight back, in a show of supreme idiocy the Police have recently advised residents to "hand over their belongings" rather than be attacked. As anyone with sense knows, showing appeasement or capitulating to criminals only emboldens them. Denial of the problem by the police coupled with direct admonishment to public to do nothing about the problem, which never existed in the first place.


Predictably the left has gone into overdrive trying to cover up this crime wave and has been promoting campaigns which seek to deflect blame away from the gangs and onto white Australians. They have even gone as far as to accuse the media of "terrorism" for simply reporting what is going on.

Recently, the Sudanese community’s violence has involved fighting their own, the most recent victim being a 19-year-old woman, who was murdered. There are frequent brawls in the streets in which they reside, and machete attacks, which were once unheard of in Australia, are increasing. Machete attacks produce particularly gruesome injuries, and are now spreading across the country.

With everything mentioned above, it is no surprise then that white flight is occurring in every single major Australian city. As Melbourne and Sidney become more crime-ridden, satellite settlements like the Yarra Valley and Picton expand to accommodate the whites who want to move there for a better life. Even politicians are openly admitting that white working class life is diminishing, something which is causing deep resentment across the country.

In the 5 years to 2016, two-thirds of the 266,000 people arriving in Sydney’s West were from overseas and did not have Anglo heritage. In the same period, 68% of the 183,000 people who left the area had Anglo heritage.

The vast majority of African gang members openly admit they are unemployed and bored; yet at the same time, they make no effort to integrate into society. Most live on taxpayer funded benefits and top up their income with a life of crime. Left wing campaigns which seek to paint the Sudanese community as victims also exacerbates tensions with white Australians who suffer greatly at the hands of the gangs.

Although several successive Australian governments have been reasonably tough on immigration compared to other western countries, their policies are not enough. A new proverb which is now often spoken Down Under perfectly sums up the demographic problem in the country.

The government may have stopped the boats, but now they bring them on planes and buses.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.